New Mom- Hilary Duff On Her Way To Yoga (Hilary Loosing Her Marbles About Not Loosing Weight)

New mom, Hilary Duff was surely taking it easy at first. The former Disney starlet wasn’t even in no hurry to loose all the pregnancy weight, but not she’s getting frustrated. Sources close to Hilary Duff say she’s loosing her marbles about not loosing weight. It’s driving her crazy and she’s been irritate and hard to be around with. She’s driving her hubby crazy and some say she may even be driving him away. Of course, I don’t think this is true. If it were true then his threshold for patience is very small and what is he going to do when things get really rough?

Moreover, Hilary Duff is mainly so frustrated and stressed about not loosing her pregnancy weight because she’s gained more weight. She was loosing weight naturally and now that she incorporated some exercise it seems to have back fired.

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